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Property Valuation

If you're thinking about selling, renting, or need to know the value of your property for a variety of reasons, we are here to help. Once you’ve submitted your details, we will be in contact to arrange your valuation appointment.

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Any information submitted will be used to help us contact you to arrange a valuation of your property. It will not be shared or sold to any other companies or third parties. By submitting a valuation request, you agree to our privacy policy.

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Specialist Valuation

There are times when you may need a valuation on a property for Banking, Legal or Revenue related reasons. Our dedicated Valuations Team provides a professional and responsive service, using our market knowledge and comprehensive property database for comparative purposes, providing valuations for clients in key areas:

Family Law
Expert Witness
Revenue-related valuations
Family Transfer
Capital Gains Tax
Capital Acquisition Tax
Self-Administered Pension
HSE Fair Deal Scheme
Local Property Tax (LPT)
Separation Valuation
Smiling family receiving the keys to their new home.